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This article provides useful information on the practicalities of using the World Wide Web for Legal research.Instead of making a trip to the library, people with internet access.


While many libraries are adding Internet access, the ones that have often feature lines behind each work station.

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This is an extension of the problem teachers face when some students have access to word processing programs and high quality printers while others only have access to paper and pen.The Internet in general, and the World Wide Web in specific, offer easy access to almost unlimited information.In many disciplines there is a distinction between laboratory or empirical research and library research.

Many of the most sophisticated sites are devoted to advertising and selling just about any product you can imagine.

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This free program focuses on the legal research services and.Some teachers today are equally flexible regarding what they will accept.With printed material, the trip from the printed page to the word processed document requires mediation in the form of a typist or an optical character reader.

This would be used to compare the quality of the traditional projects to the Internet projects.Nearly all of these sources are free, but a few require an individual subscription, an affiliation with Duke University or Duke Law, or an in-person visit to the Duke University Libraries.Ideally, the entire contents of our libraries will some day be entirely digitized.

Once a piece of media is stored in digital format, however, it can last unchanged for an indefinite period of time.Related Book PDF Book Legal Research Via The Internet: - Home - The New Beverly Hills Diet Recipes To Forever - The New Food Lovers Companion.The Internet, as a field, a tool, and a venue, has specific and far reaching.This allows students to do all of their information gathering from a single location.Presented in non-technical terms, Investigating on the Internet: Research Tools for Fraud Examiners will teach you how to use the. legal professionals and law.Access to the Internet is less democratic that access to the public library.

That can be a good first step in legal research, too.10 Searching the Internet could lead to.Internet research is the practice of using Internet information, especially free information on the World Wide Web,. are not included because of legal restrictions.

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This can have both positive and negative consequences for the researcher.In most cases, students from elementary school to doctoral level programs can get all they need from a single desktop which in reality accesses computer archives all over the world.

We live in the information age, where access to many wonderful.

How to Conduct Legal Research and Study Using the Internet

I was lucky that my teacher would accept my work in a nontraditional format.

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Without proper training regarding copyright law and proper concern for the intellectual property of others, it would be simple for students to illegally copy material and claim the thoughts of others as their own.

As a result, databases for Japanese legal research are currently being upgraded very quickly.

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One must also be concerned about the nature of some of the unrelated material that they encounter.Most county, court, or law school libraries are open to the public and contain all the resources.In some cases, people responsible for maintaining a Web site lose interest in the effort after the novelty wears off.Special focus is given in this article to finding free legal materials on the Internet.

While students engaged in Internet searches might spend more time on their task, one must wonder how much time they spend on unrelated subjects.While parents have always given students unequal advantages based on time, finances, and education, Internet access in specific and computer access in general can give students additional leverage over traditional parent provided advantages.Newspapers are the first to crumble into dust while some books can last for centuries.